Our Wedding

Our Wedding

Christmas at the Ohlhiers

Christmas 2010 was a blast. Chris and I got to have Christmas in our new home. It was so wonderful to not only share the Holiday Season but also our new home with our friends and Family.  Our December was full, full of love, blessings and our FAMILY. We had several mini Christmas in wich Jess, Joe and Grace came out one week end and stayed with us and we went and gor our tree... Grace helped us cut it down :)
The following week end was also full but yet another amazing visit. My sister and her family came out and I made pot roast and potatoes.... I attempted homemade gravy like I do EVERY TIME I make my pot roast and it was actually GOOD! It normally ends up down the sink cause it doesnt come out right but it actually was really good. Haveing my sister and her three beautiful children well and Ronnie in our home was a memory that I will always treasure. Their family has such a wonderful sweet spirit that it truely warmed our home and our hearts.

Kids  Checking on the Cookies!

Some Cookie lovin in the Kitchen. Tyler would come in and eat the dough!

They discovered they could slide in their socks down the hallway!

Then Christmas Eve came so fast.... That day we went to my dads and hung out. We all played pictionary and that was a blast.... Boys agains girls :) We took the kids to see the christmas lights and decorated a gingerbread house and well just goofed off all night. It was a blast! We headed home that night around 11 and then was back in the mornign around 5am to watch the kids open their gifts from Santa. Its been rough the past three years cause I have not been spending the night. Normally even if I didnt live at home I would always stay the night with the kids. Hard growing up sometimes.

After the Christmas morning madness at my dad we went back to Chris's parents house and opened up our stalkigns and waited for the rest of the family to arrive to celebrate with them!

My stalking from Chris

Chris and His stalking from Me ( I made the stalkign isnt it CUTE?)

This is what you get when you put Chris and his dad in the same room togeher. They are so much I like! You just gotta love'em