Our Wedding

Our Wedding

Thursday, June 10, 2010

"Go Confidently in the direction of your dream. Live the life you have imagined"

Henry David Thoreau

Well I created this blog a few months back and have not even updated it, so I thought I would just briefly update you all on me and Chris.

Well Chris is still working at Edison and still making the commute to Santa Ana every day. Loving his job but slowly starting to hate the 91 freeway a little more every day.

Me, I am still in school but recently quit Fender after 8 years. So I can attend school full time. I'm loving it. There are some crazy girls there but its GREAT. I recently applied and went through the interview process of being school ambassador and got the position. Its basically like school president so I am super busy with that along with homework, extra classes and any competitions fashion shows I can get my hands on.

Chris and I are enjoying our first year of marriage. We recently made some big decisions that well for a while were a bit sensitive about. We moved out of the house we were renting and moved in with his parents. We are using this opportunity to save some money, focus on where we want to live since the both of us are considering other cities other than those in the inland empire so we really didn't want to buy until we knew where we wanted to live. I mean life is good but after a huge wedding and taking care of a few financial responsibilities money well slowly disappeared. I know some may disagree with our choices and even though we try to work hard on not caring what others think it still can be rough but on the other hand. We are proud and excited for our future. And we know that we are not the only ones in life who have been in our situation or one like it. We just remind ourselves that its about us know. We are married and we only have to be accountable for eachother.

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All in all... we are right where we are suppose to be. :)
Well... Its afficial I am on the Senior Floor... Ready for you all to come and visit it me. I can except clients. I have already had a few visitors but the more the better.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Sunday Boat Ride

Tim Showing Off...

Zack Doing his thing...

That water was COLD...

My Baby!!!!

So on Sunday Chris and I met the LaCours and the Sanders for a little boat ride on the fabulous Lake of Elsinore. Was a bit cloudy and cold but we girls were dertermined the sun was gonna come out and we were gonna get our TAN ON..... So we grabbed our beers jumped in the boat and we were good. It was a great time. We all went wakeboarding well some of us tried to anyway. I couldnt get up for the life of me I was sooo made. The first three times I was up and then down again and then that was it nothing after that. It was so frustrating. Zack and Tim showed off with there flips and wake to wake crap but it was awesome to watch. Later in the day I thought what the hell im gonna try again. So as I am on the back of the boat getting into my bindings we are all just laughing and talking and having a good time. We were kinda bumed all day the radio wasnt working but now we are thankful it wasnt. As I was getting my seccond foot in we hear these guys on the shore screaming we look to our right and there is a JetSki comming straight at us no rider, no kill switch nothing full force right to our boat. Zack was in the driver seat he slowly starts to reverse from the direction the jetski is mind you im on on the back of the boat struggling to get in and the I hold on to the seat and he punches it. The JetSki barely misses us and beaches itself on shore. It was terrifing. But god is good and we were all safe. We all looked at eachother and started annaylizing the day saying ohhh thats why that didnt work and thats why this and that.

It turned out to be a GOD day in all aspects. It was a blast for us all to be together and I cant wait until the next time.